Quality, quality and only the best quality is what we focus on in PANS.

Quality products to delight your palate to the max.

Quality of service, so that when you come to our restaurants you not only enjoy the food, but also the experience.


We realize that to make sandwiches from here can only use ingredients from here.

Vegetables, salads, meats ... All healthy, fresh, kilometre-zero products and the real thing.

At Pans, we work with many ingredients and we love to discover new ones. And with them we make the best combinations of flavours to offer the most delicious and authentic sandwiches.

Our bread

Do you want to know the secret of our sandwiches? No problem, we are dying to tell you about it.

Pay attention, here it comes!
Think about what drives you crazy, search for that irresistible bread, prepare all the flow so it is always at its best, serve it fresh and very crisp! and above all, be sure that we like it so we can be sure that you'll like it.

Our bread has crumb, but from the best of the best crops and it is baked every two hours in our stores. Your traditional Provençal Baguettes, our exclusive Grand Reserve bread and its onion flavoured variety, our seeded breads, or authentic bagels. Not to mention our special breads for breakfast.

Provençal bread: The bread used for making sandwiches Power to the Classics!

Grand Reserve bread: If you like only the best, this is your bread. Triple-fermented, rustic bread with golden crust.

Grand Reserve Onion bread: Just as top-of-the-range as Grand Reserve, but with a touch of onion. Its golden crust and triple fermentation leaves no-one indifferent. And what about its aroma! Mmm...

Bagel: Round with a hole in the middle. No, it's not a donut, but it’s just as delicious: it’s the Bagel. Bread made with flour and wheat and a crispy coating.

Crispy Bread: Although the name sounds like it might be hard, our crispy bread is just the opposite. With a very light bread crumb and a very thin crust, it is ideal for accompanying all kinds of recipes because it enhances their flavours.

Special breads for your breakfast: Let's get serious, we are talking about BREAKFAST! The most important meal of the day. We offer slender bread rolls, various other kinds of rolls (ciabatta with nuts, wholemeal ... choose your favourite!), And our exclusive grilled breads. Wow!! This seems anything but serious, but we assure you it is.

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